Monday, 12 January 2009

Mitigating Factors for Sentencing

In case something happens, here are some signs of my write-up emotional state:

  1. I watched a full series of 30 Rock back-to-back in bed on Saturday morning. It's so precious to me (along with my Frankie Boyle DVD, which is under my pillow).
  2. I now sing in the shower (a first) and one of my repeats is "I Want to Know What Love is."
  3. I think of my boyfriend as someone who feeds and pats me.
  4. I cried my eyes out at the end of the latest BBC version of The Diary of Anne Frank and started banging on about human suffering, Gaza and The Congo, and then how my thesis is perhaps one big waste of time and energy.
  5. Like many of my friends here, I have begun to consider whether my research is lightweight and uninteresting and whether I should have done something else. "Is there enough time to change?" we ask - before deciding that it is better to set lower expectations for our chosen topics.
  6. I have started to succumb to frantic bursts of web trawling for post-doc opportunities and for any funding bodies who would be up for supporting various interdisciplinary pop research ideas of mine. Anyone know of any?
  7. I have resumed chewing my hair or not so much chewing as clamping a section in my mouth. It's gross.
  8. I am becoming mildly annoyed by various trends and themes in blogland: vitriolic criticisms on the current use of grammar, pimping out your kids and spouses, blog experiments like polyamorous relationships or making eco sexy.
  9. I have a pile of chocolate gold coin wrappings in front of me, folded, twisted and torn, touching an empty Ribena carton, which is near my cold sore ointment. Usually, one can find clever pistacchio nut shell sculptures of various human body parts, surrounded by multiple half-empty mugs of peppermint tea.
  10. I just had a tantrum about how bad this blogpost is. I have no confidence in anything I do anymore.
photographs: Shapeshift and rachel a.k.

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